I hope all these POS (Pieces Of Shit) who cursed our police officers, or throw water on them or are supposed to be afraid of them, watched how these brave men and women ran towards a crazed asshole with an assault rifle and a hundred round clip, and these brave men and women in blue saved untold numbers of civilians lives with their heroic actions. So the next time any of you bastards want to curse a police officer, remember how they ran towards the sound of gun fire while everyone else was running in the other direction. Great work officers of TEXAS AND OHIO. Everyone in the United States own you a well done. God bless you all and keep you safe.

Steve Montagna

Stephen Francis Montagna is a novelist who loves to write about international terrorism and counter-terrorism thrillers. In his stories, danger, mystery and threats to world order are commonplace. Stephen Francis Montagna has completed 26 novels. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he is recently married to the lovely Deborah Neal, Esq. and lives in Marathon in the Keys and also in Safety Harbor, Florida.

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