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We are advised not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. All we hear is the liberal socialist democrats crying it’s all President Trump’s fault for the savage murders in Texas and Ohio. The assholes running for the democratic Presidency all dump and say it’s President Trumps fault, and anyone who owns a Military type weapon is a supremacist, then the same assholes say we have to tune down the hate talk. How dare anyone accuse me or most of the rest of owners of military type weapons of being a supremacist. This is what the liberal socialist democrats want and are constantly doing, cursing our President or anyone who voted for Trump, their favorite word is racist for anyone who reacts to their inflammatory rhetoric and now they are going to employ the supremacist tag because the liberal socialist democrats have now allowed a crisis to go by without trying to blame it on our President, or anyone who voted for him. It’s not Trump’s fault, or the person who owns a weapon, it’s the fault of a lunatic and if the liberal socialist democrats really want to place the blame of someone, my\aybe they should look in the mirror, because this rotten bastard attacked because of the immigration situation which is the sweetheart f the liberal socialist democrats. But the democrats will pound away at this crisis to try to get a few votes out of it instead of fixing the problem. Most of these politicians have been in office since before TV and they had ample opportunity to fix this problem but they just can’t do it. Now we’ll hear we have to control the guns, we’ll take the guns away from law-abiding civilians, unarm them so when the next nut buys a gun from Mexico, or any other country or makes on for himself, he will be able to slaughter a bunch of forced unarmed civilians. If gun control would work, then what happened to Chicago who has the strictest gun control laws and the most deaths and wounding of the United States and what about California? The same crap, murders and wounding and yet powerful gun controls, but yet the first thing the liberal socialist democrats want to do is take the weapons away from the ones who are not killing or robbing people. If you take the guns away from the public then you’ll see a mark increase in such slaughter because a nut will see unarmed civilians as an easier target. Guns control gun control.

Steve Montagna

Stephen Francis Montagna is a novelist who loves to write about international terrorism and counter-terrorism thrillers. In his stories, danger, mystery and threats to world order are commonplace. Stephen Francis Montagna has completed 26 novels. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he is recently married to the lovely Deborah Neal, Esq. and lives in Marathon in the Keys and also in Safety Harbor, Florida.

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