Share the pain

Is the pain being suffered by this nation because of the attacks in Texas and Ohio only allowed for the liberal socialist democrats, or the little people like Beto O’Rouke who knows he has no chance in hell of winning the Presidency, and his anger for not winning that position is causing him to use this nightmare as a political gain. I’m sorry, but what an honor to have the President of the United States and the First Lady to come to your city and share your pain and bend a knee with you to honor the slaughtered. Is our President or any Republican who want to share these two cities pain, not allowed to come because some people want and need this nightmare for their political gain and hatred that is responsible for this crime in the first place. Put your hatred for our President aside and allow him and our First Lady to share the pain of our people who they represent. Don’t hate our President, hate the shooter, democrats, stop the hatred that gave birth to this nightmare. Let’s all work together, we are all part of one race, and that is the human race. Love him or hate him, President Trump is our President, and maybe if we can start respecting him and placing hatred aside, we can start healing what is ripping our country apart. There is plenty of blame to go around, but the politicians who are in congress and the senate have been in power for a helluva lot longer that our President who was only in office for less than three years. So how the hell can anyone blame him for what the senate and congress has failed to correct in all their years of being in position to solve this problem. If you want to hate and place blame on anyone, then aim it at the right people.

Steve Montagna

Stephen Francis Montagna is a novelist who loves to write about international terrorism and counter-terrorism thrillers. In his stories, danger, mystery and threats to world order are commonplace. Stephen Francis Montagna has completed 26 novels. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he is recently married to the lovely Deborah Neal, Esq. and lives in Marathon in the Keys and also in Safety Harbor, Florida.

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