Sorry state

What a sorry state of affairs when a voter falsely accused of supporting our President, has to warn his family to be careful because some stupid ass politician published his name for supporting President Trump. What the hell happened to the democratic party to allow them to sink so low, is their hatred for our President so strong they are even attacking innocent people and placing their lives in danger? The democratic party is on the fringe of becoming the party of hate and lies and intimidation. Attempted intimidation against any supporters or voters for President Trump. I don’t get intimidated and I’ll vote for President Trump in 202, and his son when he runs with his sister in 2024. But I do have to say this, this little ass of a politician Castro at least has the right last name to try intimidation tactics against anyone he doesn’t like. If he’s trying this crap when running for office, what will he be like if he wins. Will we see civilians rounded up and placed in jail for being political prisoners, or killed in empty fields like Fidel Castro did to his people. I see a strong connection between the two. Fidel used intimidation to get his way in Cuba, is Castro going to use intimidation to win his political seat?

Steve Montagna

Stephen Francis Montagna is a novelist who loves to write about international terrorism and counter-terrorism thrillers. In his stories, danger, mystery and threats to world order are commonplace. Stephen Francis Montagna has completed 26 novels. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he is recently married to the lovely Deborah Neal, Esq. and lives in Marathon in the Keys and also in Safety Harbor, Florida.

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