Mass shooting

If you wonder why the criminals are becoming so brazen, and there are so many mass shooting happening lately, then look at the liberal socialist democrats. The democrats are demanding gun control and wanting to punish the good citizens of this country, then all you hear is how the democrats are wanting changes to the laws, to make it easier on the criminals and they’re willing to accept trespassing, shop lifting of less than $500 and many other once crimes as no longer crimes and they want to legalize pot and there is talk about cocaine also. What the hell, why do we need laws if we don’t intend to hold the criminal responsible and punish them rather than allow the victim be looked at as the criminal. Shit, soon according to the way the democrats are trying to run our country, this is how it’s going to go. New laws. Home invasion, no its now uninvited guests. Sneaking over the border-guests better than legal citizens. Robbery-helping the needy. Criminals-misunderstood people. Police, hate them-criminals. Pot good-cigarettes bad. Pot-better for taxes, 25%, smokes less taxes. Cigarettes bad for health, pot okay. Driving drunk bad, driving under the influence of pot okay. Grand thief auto-someone needed a ride. Drunk ILLEGAL ALIEN KILL legal family-driver didn’t know any better. Murder-self defense if you are the criminal. If you think I’m talking out of my hat, look around and see how the democrats are wanting to release criminals, even violent ones, or legalizing anything they can tax, or protecting the ILLEGAL ALIENS, and overlooking these animals raping our children as young as 12, offering them legal aide we legal citizens can’t afford along with medical coverage we legal citizens were fined for not paying for medical care the dems are offering the ILLEGAL ALIENS for free. It’s coming, soon you’ll see the United States of Texas and all non-liberal socialist democrat ran states will band together and start protecting the legal, law abiding citizens and punishing the criminals the way it should be.

Steve Montagna

Stephen Francis Montagna is a novelist who loves to write about international terrorism and counter-terrorism thrillers. In his stories, danger, mystery and threats to world order are commonplace. Stephen Francis Montagna has completed 26 novels. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he is recently married to the lovely Deborah Neal, Esq. and lives in Marathon in the Keys and also in Safety Harbor, Florida.

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