Don’t Cry Mama / Vein Nischt Mameh


by Stephen Francis Montagna



  • Bulgaria O ~ Dead 0% of their Jews
  • Denmark 85 ~ Dead 50%
  • Norway 1,754 ~ Dead 39%
  • Slovakia 60,193 ~ Dead 73%
  • Greece 61,910 ~ Dead 83%
  • Italy and France 79,776 ~ Dead 24%
  • Yugoslavia 87,642 ~ Dead 81%
  • Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg 137,971 ~ Dead 57%
  • Rumania 295,789 ~ Dead 39%
  • Hungary 301,145 ~ Dead 75%
  • Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia 310,747 ~ Dead 53%
  • Soviet Union, including the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania 901,173 ~ Dead 30%
  • POLAND 3,757,037 ~ Dead 93%

TOTAL: 5,995,222 Dead Jews of Europe…

SLAUGHTERED by the Nazis and their followers

To hear and read all these staggering numbers makes one cry, but the tears quickly stop, because the mind can’t compute these massive numbers and connect them to slaughtered human beings.

Think for one moment, you are watching the New York Mets beating the Chicago Cubs, and the announcer speaks of the attendance. The number is placed at 58,000 fans, and the camera scans the crowd stands of the baseball park. The lens can’t show this many people at one time. Now shut your eyes and change the channel. The 58,000 fans are gone in one tick of the clock, and then ask yourself if your mind could possibly visualize what the fans had looked like. If you can, then further try to imagine that many people being wiped off the face of the earth, in one wave of an angry hand.

The mind limited by its civilized beliefs and teaching, can’t in all likelihood, conceive of this so terrible a thought. Now try to make yourself visualize, and believe, that well over five million people, civilians, non-soldiers, being erased from the earth by such savagery, the likes of which the world has never know in its past, and pray God, that it will never witness once again on this earth.

It’s impossible to see this horror, because the mind can’t contemplate what five million dollars looks like in one heap, let alone what five million people would look like, massed together. Is it a no wonder that this tragedy perpetrated again a single race of people, is so hard to fathom, let alone understand? Now, there’s a movement to make us believe that this atrocity against mankind, has never took place. The human mind’s more willing to believe this offer, than be forced to believe the truth. The truth that we, as human beings, allowed this crime against the innocent happened at all.

My mind’s eye can’t see five million people, and my heart can’t believe that this has truly happened in a civilized world. But my mind knows that this nightmare has taken place, and now I am forced to find many ways of making my being, my soul, and my mind believe this phantasm.

Personally, I was never touched by this horror, and for that I thank God Almighty. I have never lost any loved ones to the gas chambers of hatred, or the brutality, or mass killing of a madman who drove his own country crazy with hatred. I know of no one who was thrown into a cold, black pit in the earth, and shot in the back of his or her head. But then again, I think, and then I realize that I did lose someone to this horrible nightmare. I lost over five million innocent human beings, and I cry.

I wrote this book in anger, anger for the evil that we had allowed loose upon the earth in 1939, and the apathy that did nothing to stop the slaughter of the innocent, until so much damage was done to the civilized world. The world is made up of many cultures and races, and the loss of just one of these cultures is unforgivable. I wrote this book in anger for the fears that still haunt my own mind.

In this book, I attempted to make the reader realize the true scope of the death the Nazi horde visited upon the Jews and the rest of the civilized world, and how easy it was for them to get the job done. We owe the memories of these horrendous crimes to live through the written pages, to stand guard against making it impossible for another Hitler to be allowed loose upon this earth ever again. We, as civilized people have to continue to write, remember, and fear this thought for all of eternity to come. We have to remember, we cannot forget for even one second of time.

Is history now trying to repeat itself in the sacred lands of the Middle East, in Iraq and Iran, and are we willing to do whatever is necessary in order to prevent this terrible nightmare from ever happening once again to the world entire? The answer has to be yes by any and all civilized human being. I will never allow any of my sons to die in a gas chamber, or in a bottom of a filthy pit, shot in the back of their heads for no other reason than for sheer hatred.


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