Bio Level One


by Stephen Francis Montagna



The upset and exhausted President of the United States’ commandeered helicopter, hovered like an angry dragonfly over the massive and slightly heaving flight deck of the aged old and well honored and respected USS Aircraft Carrier the Intrepid, which was long ago turned into a floating museum that honored many of the actions the great ship was once engaged in during World War Two and beyond. The once great war machine that was almost sunk during the Second World War by two separate Japanese Kami Kazi attacks on the ship, was now resting rather comfortably on the peaceful waters of the Hudson River right in downtown New York City.

While the helicopter was waiting to be guided safely to the carrier flight deck of the ship by the spotter supporting a flashlight in each of his hands, and he was skillfully directing the pilot of the craft to a landing on the flight deck. President Albert Cole was glued to the side window of the flying machine, trying desperately to see the first signs of his vice-president. Who had been held captive by the group of terrorists who had tried to rob the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Mid-town Manhattan. The terrible attack on the Tower ended late last night, and just as soon as the president was informed his vice-president was safe and taken away from the group of terrorists who once held her as their hostage. The American President immediately headed for New York City in order to link up with her again, and then to check on her physical condition personally. He suddenly diverted his eyes for a second while trying to see the raging and still out of control fires that were engulfing the upper floors of the Trump International Tower and Hotel, and many of the other surrounding buildings in the Mid-town New York City area as well. The many roaring and out of control fires were actually lighting up the very skyline of New York City in the process. The sorrowful and lonely wail of the many of the responding emergency sirens cried out their lonely shriek into the brightening morning hours of the new day as the president’s helicopter finally prepared to land on the old and highly honored aircraft carrier flight deck.

The president was being accompanied on this sudden flight to New York City by General John White, who was the present Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and who sat to the president’s right side inside the machine. To the general’s right side, sat the Central Intelligence Agency Director, John Raincloud, and directly across from him was seated the Secretary of Defense, Jerry R. Levenhagen, and to his left had side was sitting the National Security Director, Norman P. Griffin. All of the very powerful men were just as concerned as was the President of the United States was about the present physical condition of the female vice-president of their country.

The youngish looking president was still dressed in an unpressed light blue suit with no tie, and a pair of unpolished shoes. He just suffered through one of the longest and most terrifying nights of his entire life last night. Having Mary Hirshfield, his vice-president held as a prisoner by the animals that attacked the once plush structure once crowning the very gateway leading into Central Park. The president’s many woes continued for him, when it was found out that two of the wild and very unpredictable special operations forces soldiers, were also inside of the Trump Tower building, along with his vice-president. He had sucked down one cup of coffee after the other in an attempt to try and give him the caffeine that was needed by his body in order to keep his body going for him throughout the entire situation. When it was pointed out that these highly trained and extremely dangerous soldiers were inside the Tower, they were instantly ordered to secure the vice-president from the terrorists, and then they were to hunker down and wait for the local police and special agent to finally arrive, once they had Ms. Hirshfield in their control.

The upset president remembered cringing when General White first ordered Lieutenant Robert Walker, and Sergeant Dorothy Ramirez, to protect the vice-president with their lives, once they were able to free her from the group of terrorists. Up until that moment, the president was still having a hard time believing the life of his vice-president, was on the line in this latest terrorist incident going down in New York City. President Albert Cole turned his attention back to the deck of the Intrepid carrier when the unfamiliar helicopter suddenly pitched forward on him, and it slowly started to lower down to the waiting ship’s highly honored and well aged flight deck now.

President Albert Cole had been awake for over twenty-four hours straight, and he was still under tremendous pressure and stress. And his brains had been picked clean by the FBI Director, Wilford Hedemann, along with his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General John White, also by the CIA Director, John Raincloud, for the past twenty-four hours straight. He was also suffering from total exhaustion, and a serious lack of sleep, and he wanted nothing more at this very moment than to turn in and catch up on some of his much needed sleep. The very overly tired president rubbed his burning eyes with both of his hands while he was searching the many grinning and staring faces that were now coming slowly into his view, as the borrowed helicopter that was just commandeered from Kennedy International Airport, lightly touched down on the tar and heavy wood covered steel flight deck of the long honored and old warship of many past battles.

When the president was informed the pair of special operations soldiers had the vice-president with them, and she was safe and sound. He left the White House, and the president boarded Air Force One and he was instantly whisked off for New York City. Upon landing at Kennedy International Airport, President Albert Cole refused the usual police motorcade whenever he usually visited the great city, and he demanded a helicopter to get him across Manhattan quicker than any car could possibly do. He instantly spotted a U.S. Air Express Helicopter parked nearby the so called Penalty Box where Air Force One was presently cloistered from the rest of the usual air traffic at the airport. And a horde of special Secret Service men and women who always protected the president’s life would keep the parked aircraft under constant surveillance until the president finally returned to his aircraft that was better known to everyone who flew in the plane or protected it as Eagle’s Nest to the president and the rest of his staff and security guards as well.

The extremely upset and angry President of the United States suddenly pointed to the small parked helicopter and instantly, two special agents with him immediately rushed to it and they instantly checked it out for their Commander in Chief. While a third agent contacted the tower of the airfield, and he had the air traffic controllers ordered the pilot of the Air Express helicopter to get over to his machine as soon as possible, and then fly the president over to his final destination in the city. The agents let it be known to the air traffic controller that the pilot of the helicopter didn’t have any other choice in the matter at this time. He was strictly ordered to fly the American President over to the destination he was demanding to be flown to at this present time.

As the small commercial helicopter spooled to a stop and the machine came to a rest on the flight deck of the aged old carrier. President Albert Cole continued to scan the many excited faces crowding around his recently commandeered air transportation. He was looking for the ever smiling face of Ms. Hirshfield standing in the group of people while she was waiting for him to finally arrive in New York City for her. Most of the faces staring into the windows of the helicopter on him were those of the local police and the FBI, and the fire fighting department people. All of them were trying desperately to get a good look at the current President of the United States, and possibly even shake hands with the very well respected and most interesting and youngish American leader. Every one of them were overly excited that the President of the United States was on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier, and he was also in New York City.

The extremely cautious and overly tired American President wasn’t able to pick out any of his usual special agents who he knew by sight, and they were supposed to be somewhere about on the massive flight deck of the carrier, and who were always assigned to protect his life whenever he was visiting the Big Apple in the past.


This novel is proudly dedicated to the women warriors of our armed forces. The female soldier is absolutely indispensable to the strength of our military services. But when our women soldiers finish their duty and they return to the United States suffering from the same type of physical or metal injuries their male counterparts are suffering from, these great women warriors are face with a new war. Coping with a medical system that takes in no consideration for a female soldier because the system is specially tailored for helping male warriors.

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