Cold Fire


by Stephen Francis Montagna


Chemical and biological weapons have long been thought of as to be synonymous with one another, but both of these very deadly weapons are far from being one in nature. Chemical agents or their many mixtures are made up of one or more of an deadly elixir of extremely lethal chemicals that are mixed together in order to create a mass destructive weapon that is solely designed to have very dire and deadly effects upon the human body, and also the entire ecology of the soon to be effected war zone as well. These most horrifying effects could be a combination of caustic reactions ranging from blistering skin, choking, and coughing up ones own blood, to severe dizziness and totally disabling disorientation. In most cases though, a horrifying and painful and slow death is the byproduct of most of these chemical or biological attacks now threatening the world at large, by so few as just one lone terrorist madman who wants his revenge for some mystical crime thought to have been committed against his country, or his God.

Most of the Biological weapons are made up of actual living viruses, rickettsiae, bacteria, and from genetically altered, or otherwise modified micro-organisms and toxins. Most of these deadly combinations are designed for one purpose in mind only, to kill or disable in uncountable numbers, mostly upon the battlefields of war by having the effected soldier suffering a most outrageous and very slow death. Why these most deadly agents are thought to be of the same family is because both of the chemical and biological weapons are constructed in a way to have overwhelming, and severely disabling effects and death upon the human body. Mass deaths and unbelievable devastation upon the battlefield and against the cities of ones enemies lead to the development of these most horrifying and very cheaply developed weapons of mass destruction.

The release of either the chemical or biological weapons upon the battlefield and the soldiers putting forth their country’s ideals and beliefs, or against any unsuspecting civilian cities, gives the diabolical user of these terrorism weapons the tactical advantage over its enemy. A discharge of either weapon causes the thought to be enemy uncountable deaths, and causalities to be looked after by the survivors, while forcing the defending nation’s military to turn its attention from war waging abilities. Then directing these abilities to saving the lives of their dying soldiers and civilians alike in the effected nation. Thus forces the suspension of all offensive military actions by the attacked nation, because the nation attacked by chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction is crippled by these terrible weapons. Then suddenly finding itself forced to pull the surviving soldiers from the battlefield to help with the wounded or dying of the country. Thus, opening the effected nation to an easy invasion, and allowing it to be quickly defeated by its enemy’s invading forces, once it drops down all of its defenses.

The most frightening reality of any and all these chemical or biological weapons, which are some times labeled and commonly referred to, as the poor man weapons of mass destruction, released upon the battlefield, had become frighteningly evident during the long and drawn out hostilities of World War One. Pictures of terribly mutilated soldiers were displayed to the entire civilized world to witness. There is never any civilization displayed upon a battlefield, only death and complete destruction that was caused by anger and all of the usual foolishness from both of the warring sides. These most disturbing pictures of nation’s young and proud warrior soldiers dying so terribly while lying in the mud of the battlefield, played over and over in order to bring us all of the horrors of full scale war. The side attacked by these most unthinkable weapons, wanted the entire world to see what they were facing on the new killing fields of any future wars to come.

Each of the nations who have ever resorted to the use of these most unthinkable and extremely deadly and crippling weapons of mass destruction, saw in chilling reality on their television sets or in their local newspapers, all of the horrible effects of what was released upon the world, and all of her children in the name of war, and they quickly found themselves scared to death by the results of the attacks they had just witnessed. But nevertheless, there are still many countries that continued their use in hopes of ending the fighting, and the wars of tomorrow’s fields of battle.

As is always the though and cause of the designers of all of the world’s most deadly weapons. The more horrifying, and the more devastating the effects and uncountable deaths that these deadly weapons caused on the battlefield, it was believed, the less willing that any other nations of the world would not be so egger to engage another in war or conflict in the future time. All of these beliefs have lead to the warped ways of thinking these new designers of war, had to make war so devastating, so despicable, so heinous, it was no longer a very viable solution to any other nation’s problems and desires on another nation of the world. They also though of these deadly weapons as deterrent weapons to wars of the future times. If one nation had them, and the other nation also had them in their arsenal, then neither of the two nations would be so adapt to attack her neighbor with any of these same types of weapons of mass destruction. But the creation of these terrible weapons has only served to make a leader with no conscious, no love for his own people’s welfare, or for the welfare of any other living person on the face of the world, to use these very same terrible weapons against their own civilians, or their peace loving neighbors.

Ever since the close of World War One, the appalling effects of either chemical or biological weapons and their agents, have been displayed for all the world to see, of what these most disturbing weapons of mass destruction are capable of delivering to the unsuspecting soldiers or civilians of the world. Falling upon the heads of any nation’s soldiers, who were locked in a life or death struggle for their nation’s interests, political gains, and or sake.

The terribly ugly visions of massive death suffered on the battlefield, and the total disabling of countless military soldiers and civilians of the effected nation was visited upon humanity by these chemical weapons that were discharged upon the battlefields of the great past war. Or forced upon the cities of the world that were at war with each other, has lead to certain steps to better safeguard the soldier, and all of the civilians who were living within the cities throughout the world, against the future use of any of these most horrible weapons, began in earnest by a chosen few. The most disturbing effects of either or both chemical and biological weapons, was more than enough to make the ones who are in control of these extremely terrible war making abilities, and all of the terrible horrors that goes along with any war. To hesitate in their future use in war times, it has also caused them to move against any future use, or to help safeguard the rest of the world against the possible spread of either of the most terrible family of these types of most destructive and extremely deadly weapons, and never to be used, or ever released once again upon the face of the earth, or against any of God’s children either in the future.

As good as the thoughts of controlling, and then completely disbanding all of these extremely deadly and cheaply made weapons of mass destruction were. And no matter what the rest of the world would do or say about these most deadly weapons. There is always that one nation, that one country’s warped leader who is being controlled by another madman who was just hell bent on controlling the rest of the world at large, to always resort to the use of these most deadly of weapons against their neighbors, or even against their own civilian population.

If there ever is to be another anti-Christ to be released against the civilized world, it will come while carry a fist full of these terribly deadly weapons of mass destruction clutched within his or her foul arms. And this new anti-Christ would hurt the entire world by the use of these god cursed weapons of mass destruction against any and all of the children of mother earth.

All of the nations of the world must band together if the earth is to ever be a safe place on which to live, and to also keep a constant vigil against the further development and the use of these most deadly and cheaply made weapons of terrible mass destruction, or the world will cease to exist as we know it now!!!!!!!!!


This novel is proudly dedicated to the women warriors of our armed forces. The female soldier is absolutely indispensable to the strength of our military services. But when our women soldiers finish their duty and they return to the United States suffering from the same type of physical or metal injuries their male counterparts are suffering from, these great women warriors are face with a new war. Coping with a medical system that takes in no consideration for a female soldier because the system is specially tailored for helping male warriors.

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