by Stephen Francis Montagna


King Fathi Amin Alkereiji, the new ruling King of Saudi Arabia requested a special meeting to be held between himself and the crown prince and his beloved brother, Ahmed al-Mahammed Alkereiji. The recent coup d’tate in Saudi Arabia in which King Alkereiji, a powerful Sunni Muslim believer in his own right, had successfully wrestled power away from the ill seated King of Saudi Arabia, by massing the Sunni following behind his lead, and his attack on the seated ruler of Saudi Arabia. Although the previous King of Saudi Arabia was a Sunni Muslim believer himself, he had lost most of his following when they believe that the old King was fast becoming an American puppet, and subject to the American government’s wants and whims.

The new King of Saudi Arabia was a rather tall man of six feet six inches and he was also slender. He turned fifty-three two weeks ago and he looked well after himself. He was very proud of his fine physical condition, and he worked hard at keeping himself that way by taking long walks, lifting weights, and riding a bike when he was within the great palace walls. This was the only western pleasure he dared to allow himself the sin of vanity. His face had the fine features distinguishing most of the Arab people, and it set them apart from the rest of the world.

The new king was blessed with the flawless dark olive skin, jet black eyes, which grew darker whenever he became aroused by anger, or with sexual passion. He had a sharply chiseled chin crowned by a well groomed and pointy goatee, and his upper lip was covered by a thick mustache he trained at the ends to be braided. In the center of his face was planted the proud Arab flaring nose. The king’s cheeks were slightly drawn in, giving his face sharper features, and making him look even thinner than he truly was. His frame was large, with a barrel chest and narrow waist, given to him by his many years of working in his father’s fields, and it had also instilled a want and need to work, and it added to his stature as a true leader in the Arab world.

King Alkereiji’s legs were strong, made that way by his work in the fields and the mud he constantly trudged through while carrying his heavy burden of cut crops. The king had one brother, so the bulk of the work usually fell upon his shoulders most of the time. This was because his father was killed in one of the countless tribal wars that were always taking place between the rival nomads roaming the deserts at a young age. The loss of his father made him the man of the house, and he was bitter at the rest of the world, and as such, he had to tend the fields, and get their crops to the market place in order to keep his family alive. And just as then, he again carried his brother on his shoulders throughout life’s many pitfalls and pleasures as well.

Taking over the seat of power in Saudi Arabia after the Sunni Muslims, who made up over eighty percent of the population of Saudi Arabia, grew very disenchanted with the old ruling Saudi family of Saudi Arabia. King Alkereiji had successfully purged the ruling family from office, forcing the surviving crown prince to flee the countryand take up residence in exile in the United States. The defeated crown prince was quickly building support for his own attempted Coup d’tate of King Alkereiji’s new regime over Saudi Arabia. The exiled Saudi Arabian crown prince was the only surviving member of the old regime that once ruled over Saudi Arabia for so many years in the past. The rest of his family was slaughtered by the Sunni assassins, once King Alkereiji took the power away from the old king and his once ruling family of Saudi Arabia.

The new King of Saudi Arabia was fuming, for he couldn’t dissociate his government from the American influence plaguing his country. Before taking power in Saudi Arabia, King Alkereiji had no way of knowing the true extent the American government was intertwined in his government. Every place he looked, everything he ready about his country, he found an American working in the office, or writing the paper he read, or otherwise influencing the discussion of the Saudi peoples. The Americans were every where he looked, and he didn’t like it one bit. He knew he acquired the backing of the most powerful influence in his country, the Sunni Muslims by speaking to them privately, and offering them a deal they couldn’t refuse to free Saudi Arabia from the influence of the Americans and their beliefs on how the Arab peoples should act.

It seemed the Americans were in complete control of everything his government was involved in, the selling of their oil, even right down to setting the price of their oil they placed on the market for sale, and the only way they could ever arm themselves militarily as well. The rapid expansion of their great oil fields so near to the Kuwait border, and right down to the Muslim following, everything hinged upon the Americans, and their influence. The new king was stunned to discover America was also instrumental in blocking the faithful Iraqi followers from making their sacred Hajj, the privileged journey to Mecca on the slopes of Holy Mount Arafat.

The new King of Saudi Arabia couldn’t fathom the Americans wielded so much power in his country and in his new government. That the Americans could actually stop Iraqi and Iranian citizens from traveling to the sacred city of Mecca and circling the curved pit, and tossing the fabled forty-two Pebbles of Right, at the pillar symbolizing the hated Satan. The powerful Americans were even able to stop so many faithful from praying to the sacred Ka’aba, the cube shaped structure lavishly decorated with a gold embroidered black cloth, embroiled him with a raging anger and hatred of the infidels to all ends in his mind.

King Alkereiji sat back in his over stuffed chair and he thought of the Great Prophet Muhammad himself, and how it was believed he once gave his last sermon in life, upon the very slopes of Mount Arafat. Then he chose to enter the great Kingdom of Paradise, so he could sit at the right hand of God, and help him with his decisions over his peoples of the Arab world. The angry new King of Saudi Arabia spat out in sheer disgust at the air, as his mind wandered over to the many thoughts of America, daring to block any of the faithful on their scared Hajj. He then vowed his own revenge to Muhammad himself, for this terrible injustice forced by the American infidels for their sake, to himself, and to all of the Sunni Muslim faithful who they believed they should be the true believers of Muhammad, and the Holy Qur’an in the Arab world.

King Alkereiji’s driving hunger was to erase all the other false religions of the world from the face of the earth once and for all. He planned to erase all cult Muslim beliefs of the Middle East and other Arab countries, and then bring them all together under one roof, to the Sunni following belief and his rule over the Middle East. The new and ambitious King of Saudi Arabia, knew full well he wouldn’t rest comfortably again, until all of the misguided Muslim beliefs, were finally converted over to the one true religion of the Arab world, his, the Sunni beliefs. He was deeply angered by the many peaceful overtones that he had seen, recently being displayed towards Israel itself, by many of the other Arab nations of the Middle Eastern world.

The Saudi king had read the writing in the sacred sands of truth spread throughout the vast desert of his lands, and he now understood it was only a matter of time before the Jew State returned the long sought after and stolen lands, back to the Arab nations who the Jews had stole those great lands from in the first place during the many Arab nations trying to destroy the Jew State. Adding to the olive branch now being offered to the Jew State by many of the other Arabs nations of the world at this time in the name of peace, and the want for their own lands returned to them.

The new and powerful King of Saudi Arabia also realized time was running out on his future plans of driving the false religions from the entire Middle East region, and then from the rest of the world itself. If he allowed the Jews to continue their constant weakening of his plans any further, and to steal the salt of the Arab nations from his grasp. This was why he had demanded the private meeting with his foolish and younger brother, the new crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The time had come; he had to put his plans into motion as of this very moment if he ever hoped to realize his dreams of the unification of the Arab world under his own influence and country.


This novel is proudly dedicated to the women warriors of our armed forces. The female soldier is absolutely indispensable to the strength of our military services. But when our women soldiers finish their duty and they return to the United States suffering from the same type of physical or metal injuries their male counterparts are suffering from, these great women warriors are face with a new war. Coping with a medical system that takes in no consideration for a female soldier because the system is specially tailored for helping male warriors.

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