Eagle’s Nest


by Stephen Francis Montagna

This novel explores the fact inventions created to protect us against errors, can be used to destroy the defense the invention was designed to protect, by terrorists who are hell bent on destroying our great country and freedom!!!!


The war in Iraq know to all the world as Operation Desert Storm, began in earnest on January 17th, 1991, it was fought in order to place a quick end to the terrible oppression of the Kingdom of Kuwait and all her people by the invading Iraqi armies, and the war officially ended with the last action of the war being fought on March 6th, 1991. On what was soon to be branded as the so called ‘Highway of Death’, just outside the capital of Kuwait city. The war was very short in duration, and extremely costly for the completely demoralized invading Iraqi forces, which were so soundly routed by the combined troops of the Coalition Forces, which stopped President Saddam Hussein’s mad conquest to rule over all of the Middle East. Then, the Iraqi world before it even had a chance to flourish and heal all its war wounds and place the war behind them and after many months of being pounded by Allied aircraft, and also hounded and destroyed on the ground by the Coalition Forces tanks, artillery and attack helicopters, the Iraqi troops had zero options left opened to them, and they finally gave up in the hundreds and even the thousands to any Allied forces they came across.

If the chilling words that were written long ago in the Holy Bible are correct, the world has to be extremely wary of the second coming of the long feared anti-Christ, and once again roaming the earth in all its evil attempt to destroy all of mankind, the Coalition Forces placed the dreams of this latest anti-Christ off track, but only for the time being now.

Even though the war between Iraq and the Coalition troops had truly ended on March 6th, 1991, someone forgot to inform the crazed madman who was still running Iraq of this fact. Because of the continuing threat to his neighbors in the Middle East, and to world peace in general, the Coalition Forces were forced to remain intact, and to keep an ever present vigil upon President Saddam Hussein, and all his blinding want to be the master of the entire Middle East, or become the destroyer of the world’s sanity and peace. President Saddam Hussein’s most uncontrollable thirst for blood, coupled with his want for revenge and world conquest and domination, caused his unfettered wrath to fall upon his own good and innocent peoples of Iraq, mostly the unarmed and the unprotected as well, and also the unaware that the attacks were coming for them by this mad dog murderer.

With the memory of his releasing a repulsing and very devastating chemical attack upon the poorly armed and unsuspecting Kurds in Northern Iraq in 1988. President Saddam Hussein next turned his tanks and warplanes, along with his military might loose upon the poorly defended Shiiti Muslims in the South of Iraq, and the Iraqi president ordered the renewal of the slaughter of the Kurds in the northern section of Iraq, quickly forced the good nations of the world with a conscious, to create a no fly zone between these two sections of Iraq. In order to try and help protect the poorer people of Iraq from their own despised leader of the country. But the United States and England quickly found themselves shouldering the full burden of protecting the innocent peoples of Iraq, with most of the other nations hiding behind the United Nations flag of indifference and greed.

Increasingly savage attacks against these poorly protected areas of Iraq, caused the Coalition Forces to attack the well dug in SAM Surface to Air Missile sites and radar installations, along with many other military targets spread throughout Iraq over the coming years, since the ending of the Desert Storm war. Allied forces maintain a constant fly over of these areas in order to help guard the defenseless Shiiti’s and Kurds from any further attacks by the well armed, and also well feared Republican Guard units of President Saddam Hussein’s elite troops. Separate actions were forced to be carried out against the headstrong President Hussein, to help curb his wild ideas of destroying his own people, or threatening the other peaceful peoples of the Middle East lands. Year after endless year, at one point or another, President Saddam Hussein had to be beaten back inside his little hole in the ground, destroying much of his remaining military might in the process by the Allied warplanes.

The much hated and widely feared Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, used any and every foul excuse in his warped and twisted mind in order to increase the constant probes and attacks on the will of the Coalition Forces, in their attempt to maintain this protection of the innocent Iraqi peoples, and the rest of the world from this crazed madman and all of his distorted beliefs, wants, and demands to just destroy anything that was in his path. Steadfastly, the Coalition Forces stuck together, and they attacked Iraq’s every evil attempts to rid his own country of anyone who was not following the lead dog in the race, and that dog was President Saddam Hussein.

Nothing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein did, could, or would ever shake the steadfast will and belief of the free world from stepping back, and then allowing President Saddam Hussein to once again threaten the very peace of the Middle East as he did when his forces invaded the tiny Arab nation of Kuwait, and destroy another defenseless civilian in the name of his mad quest to rule over the entire Middle East first, and then the entire world after he had conquered all of the Arab lands.

The Desert Storm War has spanned the course of three different American Presidents, with one of them being elected to the honored post twice. Now, with the fourth man soon to be in command of the Presidency of the United States, Albert Cole, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s mad illusions of being a world power once again surfaced in all its ugliness, but with new intensity and desire as well. The crazed madman of Iraq believed in his mind what with this new American President taking the helm of the American affairs of his nation and the world, the new president was bound to be much more concerned with the many problems currently facing the American public. Than the new American leader was with worrying about what he was doing in the Middle East.

But President Saddam Hussein was dead wrong in this latest deformed assumption, for President Albert Cole was going to be the most heavy handed of all the previous American Presidents, when it came down to dealing with the madman from Iraq. President Cole wanted to place a final end to Saddam Hussein’s wild dreams of conquest of the Middle East, and to stop the Iraq problem from draining off so much of America’s tax money once and for all, taxpayer’s money that should be spent on schools, the drug problem, and children with guns that was facing America at this time.

President Albert Cole was soon forced to go to the United Nations many times in his rather young Presidency, in order to fight against the lifting of the stifling sanctions that were still imposed against the nation of Iraq, which were asked to be lifted by the nations of Russia, Germany and France, and to continue to punish President Saddam Hussein’s steadfast refusal to relinquish any, and all of his feared and well hidden weapons of mass destruction, and to also give up all his mad quests of being the master of the entire Middle East region, and to also have the United Nation’s sponsor even more inspection teams having free reign once again, inside the borders of Iraq. In order to search for these buried or otherwise hidden weapons of mass destruction that was well known to be within Saddam Hussein’s control and borders. The new American President spent so much time in the air between Washington and New York, that he soon branded his great plane of Air Force One as, EAGLE’S NEST.


This book is dedicated to a very special person in my life…Someone who stood behind me even when I drove her crazy, My Mom whom I love dearly.

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