Operation Dragonfire


by Stephen Francis Montagna

This novel is written to honor all veterans.
A Veteran is someone who at one point in his or her life, wrote out a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including his or her life.

God bless all Veterans!


MARCH 1, 2009

General Abdulaziz al-Wahhab, an ex Iraqi military officer who was granted a visa to attend school in the United States finally set his eyes on the al-Masada Mosque of New York City in search of help from some of the other Arab men and women who attended the Mosque regularly. Ever since he first came to the United States, al-Wahhab had one thought locked in his mind, and that thought was to get even with anyone living in the United States, mostly for the American soldiers destroying his country of Iraq. al-Wahhab at one point in his life was sent to Pakistan by his president of Iraq to undergo special training at the hands and direction of the al-Qa’eda fighters. General al-Wahhab also went through more special training at the guidance of the once well feared Republican Guard of President Saddam Hussein before he met his final justice.

During the second invasion of Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom carried out by the new Coalition forces, General Adbulaziz al-Wahhab quickly realized the days of President Saddam Hussein’s once iron fisted control and rule over Iraq were number, and he immediately started to work for the invading American soldiers in hopes of getting some better treatment from them once the Coalition forces drove President Saddam Hussein out of office. As the American soldiers entered the small village al-Wahhab was hiding in, he instantly approached the Coalition troops with a fist full of secret military documents he had stolen from his once command center and he immediately won the respect from the American Army units who took over his village.

al-Waddah even assisted the American forces operating in Iraq and he was also instrumental in helping to maintain the peaceful transition to the Coalition forces control over the small Iraqi village al-Waddah called home in Iraq. He was so helpful the American troops started to search him out whenever they had to investigate a suspected home in the village for any possible hidden weapons or al-Qa’eda propaganda, or if the Coalition forces wanted help with the citizens of the Iraqi village. For a full year al-Waddah helped the American troops and he was soon paid for his services with the offer to become a translator for the invading Coalition troops, and al-Waddah ended up working especially for the American troops for the full time of the occupation of Iraq until General al-Waddah showed interest in going to the United States for better schooling.

The American command stationed in Iraq was so impressed by the much needed help that Abdulaziz al-Waddah offered them, the commander finally offered al-Waddah the possibility of going to the United States for further schooling and learning the English language and the ways of the Americans. But there was another reason hidden in the back of command’s decision to offer this Iraqi ex-soldier to go to the United States for this special training. The CIA displayed a certain interest in this Iraqi man in hopes of turning him and having him work especially for them and maybe even use this man to infiltrate the feared al-Qa’eda in Iraq secret network.

Although it took three years for the offer to finally be approved by command in Iraq, General Abdulaziz al-Waddah was offered the ability to go to the United States in 2008, and he spent the next year attending special schools and living like he was truly enjoying life in the United States. He quietly settled down in New Jersey, and in the later part of 2008 he decided to move to New York City after searching out all the Mosques spread throughout the tri-state area. al-Waddah was in search of one particular Iman because this fiery preacher spoke openly of his burning hatred for the United States and all she stood for, and the angry Iman was practically ordering the younger men of the Mosque to think about different ways of attacking and causing further problems for the United States leaders, police officers and the civilians of the United States.

With the new Democratic administration recently installed as the Presidency over the United States in 2009, has caused huge problems for both the CIA and FBI along with other special intelligence gathering communities of the United States. With the concern of being politically correct and the growing fear of law actions of possible racial profiling brought against the administration, the new administration forced our intelligence communities to start to duck instead of forcing the terrorist to duck for fear of being caught up in the cross hairs of justice.

With the serious and foolish threat of reveling newly discovered pictures of torture of captured terrorists being water boarded or deprived of sleep and other once secret enhanced interrogations used against them released to the civilian community in the United States and the world, coupled with the mounting fear of CIA special agents identities being compromised with the threatened release of these most troubling pictures. Caused the intelligence network empowered to protect the civilians of the United States to begin to crumble, and this crumbling caused many future terrorist threats against the United States to start to slip through the cracks of this protection our intelligence peoples constructed over the years since the terrible terrorist sneak attack against the Twin Towers in the Nine, One, One, in New York City and the Pentagon attack in Washington.

The so called no fly list was severely neglected and soon to be terrorists once being followed closely in other nations of the world by our intelligence people, and also placed on the terrorist no fly watch lists were stopped being held under such tight and constant surveillance over the passing years as the fear of another such devastating Nine, One, One, attack against the United States started to fade away from the memories of the civilians and politicians of America alike.

The American Civil Liberties Union or the ACLU was making a huge fortune with bringing one foolish law suite after the other against our intelligence communities while trying to force the release of these extremely ugly pictures of torture of known Arab terrorists to the world’s attention. The ACLU lawyers coupled this request to release these pictures of enhanced interrogations with the demand to close the specialized detention center stationed at Guantanamo Bay on the island of Cuba. Along with the countless law suites came the ever growing fear by our intelligence communities who were suddenly being threatened to be brought to public trail, to detain any thought of tracking down any possible newly discovered terrorists, because these people we have trusted our security with, were now being severely handicapped and crippled with trying to carrying out their sworn duties to keep the civilians of the United States safe, with their hands being tied behind their backs by the lawyers of America and their foolish demands.

The ACLU was even trying to force the new Democratic Administration to have the Arab terrorists being held as terrorist prisoners at Gitmo transferred over to the United States in order to stand trial for their crimes committed against humanity in civilian courts. The ACLU lawyers and law makers of the country failed to look at these terrorists as what they truly was, saboteurs and labeling the terrorists as saboteurs would have removed any and all legal right the terrorists would have enjoyed to any and all legal protection in courts of law in the world. Saboteurs were the problem of the military plain and simple and once the military was done with the animals, the saboteurs were to be put to death by the military. This demand of trying the terrorists in civilian courts in the very heart of New York City was met with such strong resistance from not only the civilians of the United States and especially from the people of New York, but even Congress stood and put their backs up and was now dead set against this latest demand of the ACLU.

The new administration was wavering back and forth with the thought of bringing the terrorist detainees to the United States to stand trial in civilian courts, and the prisoners were scheduled to be held in a special prison stationed in Illinois, and the civilian trials would be held in New York City under the very shadow that would have been cast by the Twin Towers if the building still stood in the great City. The Governor of New York complained bitterly about the staggering monetary costs such terrorist trials would cause the people of New York, and the terrible insult and slap in the face of the civilians of New York to have these animals brought to New York to stand trail so near where they had destroyed the very buildings and killed so many civilians of the world. This strong resistance finally forced the new administration to change course in mid-stream and allow the detention center stationed at Guantanamo Bay to remain opened and to now carry out military war trails against the Arab terrorists held on the island of Cuba.

But the constant attacks against the unrecognized intelligence warriors of the United States continued by the bleeding hearts and it caused larger cracks to slowly develop in the once well organized security systems designed to keep known terrorists out of the United States, and the civilians of our country safe. The no fly list was left to be checked and monitored by civilian flight attendants checking the flight passengers in for their flights, and in many instants by the time a terrorist checked in with the airlines, their names never made it on the no fly list, and when the list was updated, the terrorists was already on the civilian flight and to the destinations.

More and more civilian aircraft while in flight suddenly found themselves being rerouted to the nearest airport and the would be terrorist was pulled off the flight, and then the aircraft was allowed to get back on schedule once the no fly list was updated and it was discovered a thought to be terrorist was mistakenly allowed on board a civilian aircraft that was already in flight.

Little by little the severe lapse of keeping all the known terrorists under tight and constant surveillance throughout the world was surfacing, and this discovery finally forced Congress to immediately start to correct this most dangerous situation, especially after the recent attack on a civilian aircraft while in flight by the so called underwear bomber on Christmas Day.


This novel is especially dedicated to a very special woman of my life, a woman who I will love dearly to the end of my days. A lady who is an outstanding artist, who is brilliant, beautiful and loving. A woman I owe so much to and if it wasn’t for her love and guidance, I would have never written my first novel. Her name is unnecessary to offer, for she knows who she is. We would have been the two A’s, Artist and Author.

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