Sand Storm


by Stephen Francis Montagna


The long years that followed the complete collapse of the once powerful communist Russian Empire, were stormy times of reconstruction and hardship at best. The terribly trying times that followed while turning over to a freer and democratic Russian government, were most confusing. The Russian government turned its back on many of their most important generals and scientists, causing many of them to resort to the black market and the Russian Mafia for their survival. Thus began the many years of turbulence, selling and back stabbing of Russia’s vigorous military machine. The Russian government was aware of the bleeding off of its military hardware to the hated Arab nations, but they were at a total loss on how to stop it. Soon, many smaller and more radical nations quickly found themselves in the position of being offered T-80 Main Battle Tanks, advance attack aircraft, and Russia’s once well guarded military secrets at a fraction of what they should sell for on the open market.

Although the United States and other industrial nations such as Japan, England and France did their best to try and block Libya and Iraq from acquiring the Russian military equipment, it continued to be siphoned off for the most part, unchecked. The world threatening war machines of mass destruction covertly filtered out of Russia no matter what the Russian government and the other nations of the world tried to stem the flow.

Many leading Russian generals and lesser officers made their modern and advanced aircraft and military equipment available to the open market, by secretly smuggling them out of Russia and placing them on the open market for sale to the highest bidder. The new Russian President for the most part, wasn’t aware of the situation rapidly developing in his military, or he would have reacted to place a stop to it. Especially in light of the recent military action not long ago carried out against the renegade Russian officers, who had stolen six of their mobile nuclear missile launchers and warheads. They were successful in moving them into what was left of North Korea, and then they had them aimed at China in hopes of starting a shooting war between Russia and China, and possibly pulling the United States into the war on their side. The renegade officers had threatened China in hopes of making it possible for the communists of Russia to make a new move against the government, and once again take over power in the USSR.

The plan had a good chance of succeeding if it wasn’t for the swift actions of the American Special Forces, who successfully deployed a rapid response force to Russia, and then destroyed the missiles and the communist officers, before they had a chance to carry out their evil plan.

In the Middle East, there was the recent destruction of Israel, Jordan, and Iraq, and the limited destruction of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria, which occurred when Iraq was prompted to attack Israel by Libya, who was locked in a war with the American forces then stationed and occupying the Sudan. Iraq had been ordered to attack Israel with her nuclear weapons in order to get the heat off of Libya’s neck, but this plan didn’t work well, and Libya suffered the total destruction in the end, to conclude the war that was raging over clean drinking water.

Although Iran suffered the destruction of its capital city of Tehran in this attack, it left much of Iran itself in tact, and still a powerful Arab nation. The destruction of Iran’s capital city hurt the ruling Islamic party and leaving the nation open to a possible take over by anyone who displayed true leadership over the country. It didn’t take long for a new and extremely radical leader to step forward. Sheik Hassan al-Suhail al-Tamini took over command of the leaderless Iran, and he moved the seat of power to Kerman, which he proclaimed as the new capital of Iran.

Sheik al-Tamini had been in power for a week before he claimed himself the new Ayatollah, and spiritual leader of the Iranian Islamic people. His grip of power tightened dramatically when the new Ayatollah ordered the deaths of all Iranian citizens who didn’t believe in him, or his distorted beliefs. Bodies of hundreds, then thousands of Iranians fed the combustible heap of humanity that would assure the new Ayatollah of a steadfast and fanatical support for his much more violent Islamic regime over Iran. Through carefully selected assassinations, he quickly decimated all of what was left of Iran’s old leadership, and plunging the divided nation into total revolt and also allowing himself to take over completely the troubled and almost totally destroyed nation.

The young and wise and crafty new and extremely powerful Ayatollah’s first order to his military was to make Iran one of the most forceful military country’s in the slowly rebuilding Middle East area, and of all of the Arab nations as well. To help ensure Iran of this great feat, Ayatollah Sheik Hassan al-Suhail al-Tamini had ordered all of his faithful followers to get their hands on some of the multi-nuclear tipped, submarine launched long range missiles for his Russian built nuclear submarines at all costs. These five boats were quickly moved over to Iran’s safe ports during Iran’s recent and devastating war with Iraq. The wise Sheik had placed all of his military advisors on this nationwide proclamation, in order to ensure that this command quickly became a realized reality for his new and still unstable government. He needed these missiles and their nuclear warheads in order to help ensure his complete power and death like grip over all the people of Iran, and then of the entire Middle East, and then, possibly, the world at large as well.

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