Sting of the Scorpion


by Stephen Francis Montagna


June 5th, 1999. WASHINGTON D.C., 3:30 A.M. EST.

In a meeting being held between three Iraqi terrorist in a small room they were renting from the Roland’s Motel, a rather heated discussion was taking place. The three Iraqi terrorists were sent to the shores of the United States to carry out an attack on a target they were to select. The mission was devised to create mass fear, confusion, and concern in America through terrorism, in an attempt to force an end to the stifling sanction imposed on Iraq at the conclusion of Operation Desert Storm.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had given specific orders to the members and officers of his military, and to the special operations units of his country. They were armed with orders to create a terrible situation inside the borders of the United States to bring Iraq out of the eye of the world, and into the cross hairs of the present American leadership. He wanted to eliminate the two no fly zones presently installed over his country for so many years by the United States and England, and to have all the sanctions lifted against his country once and for all. So the powerful Iraqi president could get on with reconstructing his military might, and assume complete control over his entire country once again, and then his conquest of the Middle East.

As long as the crushing sanctions and the present United Nation’s inspection teams walking the sands of his deserts, looking over his country for his hidden weapons of mass destruction. Was forcing the Iraqi president to stop his further development on these weapons of mass destruction he so desperately needed, to continue his thoughts of taking over the Arab nations of the Middle East. This was his driving force, to control the entire Middle East, and to become a military might equal to, or even more powerful than that of the United States.

As the three Iraqi terrorist sat in the small room of the dilapidated hotel used mostly by the local drug addicts and the prostitutes who support them, in order to carry out their illegal activities in the streets of downtown Washington D.C. Each of the terrorist offered the targets they selected to the leader of the terrorist cell, which was operating in the United States. Colonel Farseeha al-Mana, a member of the Secret Police, and the military of Iraq, had leveled her eyes upon the American President himself, for she knew if they were successful in assassinating the American leader, it would then place the United States in utter turmoil, and it could be suggested the sanctions be lifted against Iraq in the mayhem surely to follow.

But Captain Jebril Brighteeth, the leader of the terrorist cell, believed the American leader was too well protected at all times, and he wanted to go after a much easier target to hit, a Saudi Arabian target within the United States. He was of the belief if a Saudi Arabian target was destroyed in their attack inside the shores of America, it would cause hard feelings to fester between the United States and Saudi Arabia, thus successfully destroying the Coalition forces forever, and what they were trying to do inside Iraq. He quickly voted down Colonel Farseeha’s wildly suggested target on her.

Seeing the extremely upsetting confrontation taking place between his two fellow terrorists, the youngest member of the terrorist cell offered his selected target to the terrorist leader. He cleared his throat, and when Captain Brieghteeth turned and glared harshly at him, the young man immediately lowed his head, now he was afraid to speak again. This infuriated Captain Brieghteeth to no end and he snarled at the young man savagely. “It seems you have something to add to this god cursed conversation, so now that you have interrupted me I shall wait for you to speak what you have on your cursed mind, you fool who was born in the sands of the vast desert. If it is anything that is you have on that useless mind, young fool.”

The angry captain and leader of the terrorist cell, waited impatiently for Mamdoul al-Qassan to find his water, and then speak again. al-Qassan drew in his breath in a deep sigh, and then he offered cautiously to the leader of the terrorist cell. “Captain Jebril Brieghteeth Sir, over the past few weeks I have been following a certain Senator John Hopkins, who is the current leader of the Senate Oversight committee, who gives out all the money to the American military, so they can carry on with their foul no fly zones they still have in effect inside Iraq, sir. I feel if we successfully kill this one man then the funds to the American military would surely be cut off, or at least interrupted, thus stopping the no fly zones order and the constant bombing of our military equipment and our great soldiers and civilians inside Iraq, sir.”

Captain Brieghteeth thought for a minute, he then ordered the younger member of his group to go on with what he was offering to the terrorist leader, he suddenly felt they were on to something.

Mamdouh al-Qassan went on to offer to his commander there was little if any security surrounding the aged American senator and old man, and he could most probably easily be killed during one of his many daily excursions into the gardens that surrounded the Capital building. Over Colonel Farseeha’s angry objections, the two other male terrorists of the cell agreed with observing this old senator for the day, and to see if he was as easy a target as al-Qassan just offered to them.

While Captain Brieghteeth and al-Qassan went off to observe the elderly American senator. Colonel Farseeha decided to speak with the Libyan Captain, Badawl Badawlhmed Nabih Kamis. The Iraqi terrorist cell came to the United States with no weapons to complete their ordered mission, and when they selected a target, Captain Brieghteeth had special orders to approach this Libyan operative and to then secure the weapons the terrorists cell would need to carry out their attack on the American interests in their country.

Colonel Farseeha al-Mana went to the Libyan embassy where she spoke to Captain Kamis, and she convinced him to give her the weapon the terrorist cell would employ on the attack against the American President. The crafty Libyan captain had wormed the target the terrorist cell had leveled their eyes on, by Farseeha admitting to him they are aiming at the American President. Upon hearing the terrorist cell was going to try and assassinate the American leader, he was immediately for their attack, and he offered Colonel Farseeha the weapons the terrorist cell would possibly need to carry out their hit against the American leadership.

But as the wise and cautious Libyan captain began to go over the long list of weapons he had available to him, and the few special weapons Farseeha was requesting from him. He became slightly concerned, and he wanted to know how many of the terrorists were active and involved in this terrorist cell operating within the United States. Colonel Farseeha was forced to lie to the Libyan operative by suggesting there were four terrorist in their operating terrorist cell. The Libyan operative was angry as hell, but nevertheless he offered her the weapons he had on hand, along with the orders she was to return to the Libyan embassy later on that night, in order for him to transfer the weapons over to her car while using the cover of night to do so.

The moment the female Iraqi colonel terrorist was out of his embassy office, the Libyan operative placed a call to Iraq. He wanted to speak directly to General Hassan al-Zahar who he understood to be in complete command of any and all the terrorist cells operating inside of the land of the Americans. His call was immediately transferred over to the general’s private office, and when the Libyan soldier was ultimately able to speak to the well feared and respected Iraqi general. General Hassan al-Zahar instantly started to complain at the Libyan captain that Iraq was going through another attack on one of his SAM missile sites, from the ever present American and English aircraft always flying in the skies over Iraq both day and night. The Iraqi general complained the fool operator had lit up the American warplane with his attack radar from the missile site, and four of the F-18 Hornets were now attacking his missile installation on him.

General al-Zahar even went so far as to try and dismiss what he believed to be, was a very nosy and most troublesome Libyan officer, by trying to give him the bum’s rush off the phone while he attended to the defense of his country. So he could be able to better look after his missile sites, and to see if there was any other possible way he could finally hit any of the American planes of war that were in the process of destroying another one of his prized missile sites on him.

But Captain Badawl Badawlhmed Nabih Kamis was not to be dismissed so easily by the angry sounding Iraqi general on the phone. Even over General al-Zahar’s strong objections, the Libyan captain began speaking as if he had the right to do so. He easily heard the Iraq officer let his breath out in an angry hiss over the phone, as he settled down and he was forced to listen to the Libyan’s words. The Libyan officer started speaking, and when he started to go over all of what Colonel Farseeha offered to him in his private office, when she first requested the needed weapons from his supply for their current mission within the United States.

The Iraqi general immediately became very interested in the Libyan’s most insulting words now. The Libyan captain had the audacity to try and offer to the still angry sounding Iraqi general he felt the terrorist cell was operating slightly undermanned at this time, and he wanted more terrorists added to the attacking cell to help bolster up this obviously weak cell working inside the United States. The Iraqi general knew full well he was going to sooner or later, add a few more of his terrorists to this rather weak cell himself, for the same exact reason this Libyan dog in the United States was suggesting he do to him over the phone.

General Hassan al-Zahar was being extremely patient and polite with the Libyan fool on the phone, because he was well aware he was their only true source for weapons that were going to be needed for his operating terrorist cell, who was working inside of America. And he could ill afford to create any kind of friction at all, between his operatives inside American, and this Libyan fool who was now insulting him on the phone. The Iraqi general had to reside himself to allow the Libyan captain to babble on until he finally grew weary of his own words, and he even had to absorb some of his most foul suggestions on how his own terrorist cell should be operating, and now even to be manned while they were working inside of America. The Iraqi soldier glanced up towards the Heavens above him, as he continued to listen to the Libyan’s unending words over the phone, as the bombs continued to fall all about him and his missiles from the allied planes.

The extremely crafty Libyan operative and military officer was also aware of this present situation, and the power he now held over the dangerous and evil and feared Iraqi general over this same knowledge. The brazing Libyan soldier was making the best of it at this time, even by daring to overstep his bounds with the powerful Iraqi military officer some, by daring to suggest to him just how many terrorists should be added to the Iraqi general’s working cell of terrorists presently operating inside the borders of the United States.

The Libyan delegate and military officer even smiled to himself on the phone as he made these suggestions bordering on outright demands to the fuming Iraqi general and commander over the phone. One thing every terrorist operative control understood completely was the fact they had absolute control over any and all the terrorists operating here in the United States, because Iraq’s embassy was ordered closed down by the then seated American President at that time, ever since the first invasion of Iraq had taken place against the country by the combined troops and military equipment of the Coalition forces during the Desert Storm war.

Iraq was now forced to go through the Libyan embassy to operate and supply their terrorist cells working inside this country, and this knowledge made the Iraqi general angrier than ever before, because he was forced to deal with the Libyan delegate from the United Nations in America. The Iraqi general was further angered because he felt he no longer was in sole control of his own terrorist cell, because he was forced to rely on the Libyan military officer for the arms his terrorists needed to carry out their operations within the United States.

This need to rely so heavily on the hated Libyan captain and his weapons, took away a lot of the Iraq general’s control and power over his operating terrorists. Any terrorist control understood this was very disturbing for the Iraqi general and his leadership, and it usurped his power over his terrorist cell, and it helped to cause other confusion and a serious lack of respect for his complete control over the operating terrorist cell, and this confusion could spell utter disaster to the entire operation his terrorists were assigned to carry out by him and their nation.


This book is dedicated to a very special person in my life…Someone who stood behind me even when I drove her crazy, My Mom whom I love dearly.

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