Sword of God


by Stephen Francis Montagna


After the terrible and devastating terrorist sneak attack on the Twin Towers in New York City, and the second attack on the Pentagon building in Washington D.C. on what was called the Nine, One, One attacks which so violently destroyed many innocent civilians of the world. The United States Government immediately set in place countless safety and security precautions, with the intent to safeguard America from ever suffering another such terrorist attack on our lands. Even though the American government was doing every thing in its power to stop another terrorist attack on the shores of our country. There is always that one terrorist cell, that one set of mad men who would likewise do everything in their power to hurt the United States, her innocent citizens or America’s interests in our country or abroad. Every person with half a mind has to understand it is nearly impossible to stop a terrorist operation before it happens but for luck, if the assassins were dead set on attacking the United States, or her civilians in this country or elsewhere throughout the world.

The sole reason it is thought to be almost impossible to stop an organized terrorist attack on our great country, and the only reaction we have to place against a terrorist attack, was after the fact was because of the following beliefs and understandings. If a single, or a well trained and organized group of terrorists were assigned to attack a certain country for a shock value target to kill countless human lives, or to cause the greatest amount of harm, injury and death to the largest number of innocent civilians in that attacked country. The most important thing a terrorist cell or single terrorist has working for itself or his self is time. It is not the need of vast sums of money, or a convoluted network of support people who would assist the cowardly terrorists in their dirty little game of killing innocent civilians of another country.

If a terrorist cell is given enough time to work its attack angles and plans to hit a target they have leveled their eyes upon. Then by taking advantage of the time element the terrorists have to work with, the cowardly lowlifes would eventually discover any possibly shortcomings of any security systems established to protect the future target the terrorists aimed themselves at. In any well throughout security system there are always a number of shortfalls the computers or brain thrust overlooked, or had fallen through the cracks on the floor.

Once a terrorist or terrorist cell which could consist of from a four member hit team, and upwards of twenty, or more terrorist operating for that cowardly cell. Once the terrorists have received their orders to murder innocent women and children of the targeted nation, the terrorists then set about to do their dirty business of starting to stalk out their intended targets of opportunity in the said country. The terrorists would sit by the soon to be target for however long it takes them to understand the security systems and precautions adopted by that future target nation.

With time weighing on the terrorist side, they will discover all weaknesses in the security system protecting their target. And every security system ever devised by the human mind or computers, have a number of backdoors trapped in it that will allow a successful terrorist attack against the intended installation. No matter how good and how thorough any security system is developed and employed. It is just as hard to make an absolute foolproof security system as it is to stop a set of determined terrorists’ cells from attacking their selected target successfully and with devastating after affects.

There are so many “what ifs and whatevers” to install in a security system and the best trained minds of the world are always working on developing that one absolutely perfect security system which is impossible to develop. But the most intelligent minds are looking at a security system in the most complicated ways and they always seem to overlook the easiest ways for a terrorist cell or nut to defeat that security system. The terrorist doesn’t have to rely on computers or other elaborate measures in their attempt to figure out their attack scenarios against the complex the nation is trying to protect from attack from these evil persons. Most of the airports spread throughout the United States have already tightened up their security which causes the security precautions to put out, delay, and otherwise embarrass the good citizens of the United States and other countries of the free world. They are operating under the mistaken assumption they will somehow always stop a terrorist cell from smuggling a weapon or explosive device onto the plane against them. As good as this elaborate security system is it is overlooking the most obvious problem facing the protectors from a determined terrorist attack against them on this or any other country in the world.

The computers, the very complicated machines and the surveillance personnel are working with the sole idea they will discover the terrorist plans and attackers before he or she or they are able to board the plane and smuggle a weapon or bomb onto the plane before the terrorist is able to accomplish his evil efforts. But once again, the outstanding security systems installed at most of our airports are overlooking the one most important threat aimed against them from a determined operating terrorist cell. Determination, determination and time, the two greatest factors the terrorist have working in their favor. If an attacker truly wants to get a weapon or bomb on board any plane the terrorists chose to attack then he or they will succeed with his or their efforts to destroy it. So many every day items in the modern day world can easily be turned into a weapon or a bomb. A simple piece of wood can be a devastating weapon on a plane. Many medical needs, crutches can easily be turned into a weapon, a wheelchair and an arm brace also. A piece of plastic, a mirror, a comb and even a hair brush. If the terrorist is determined and he has enough time on his hands, and has the training he needs then he can turn a simple metal set of crutches into gun. A metal leg brace hollowed out and bullets placed inside the thick metal part that goes under the foot, and then a short trip to the aircraft bathroom and a quick assembly of the weapon, and the terrorist ends up with complete control of the plane and all the innocent civilians on board that plane.

The unlimited time the terrorist enjoys to work out his god cursed plans of attacking innocent civilians for shock value targets, works out well in his favor. If the terrorist keeps a certain airport or bus terminal or train station platform under constant surveillance for long enough, the terrorist would soon be able to detect what planes, buses, trains, and other target the terrorist might select, has air marshals or special undercover security people trying to protect his intended target from attack.

And make no mistake about it any and all security precautions or system installed to protect a plane or building always comes along with shortfalls built into that protection system. The unlimited time the soon to be attacker enjoys, gives the terrorist all the time he needs to work out his attack profile until it’s completely unable to be stopped until the lowly terrorist kills as many of the innocent he can. All terrorist attacks have the same end in mind.

To create as many injuries and deaths as they can against the innocent civilians of the targeted country, and to disrupt the normal lives of the freedom loving people of the world, and to place the fear of God in the civilians so they are afraid to go to work, or to the stores, or to live their lives normally. A terrorist group will rarely if ever attack a military installation because there are armed soldiers stationed on that military base, and the soldiers bite back instantly. When the terrorist is able to create these fears in the civilized populations of the country they want to attack and the rest of the world. The terrorists have succeeded in their wildest dream to install sheer terror into the hearts and minds of men, women and children of the attacked country.

Most terrorist attacks also hurt the economy of the attacked country. Another aim of a would be terrorists once a successful attack was carried out against a nation. The attacked nation quickly start placing their police, security personnel, and fire departments and emergency first responders on twenty-four hour alert. Overtime pay starts adding quickly, with more security precautions installed against another terrorist attack, and more legal rights of the civilians are again encroached and trampled upon in the name of security and self-protection.

The terrorist work under many different reasons for attacking a free loving country, the terrorists some times work under the misbegotten belief they are attacking the infidels in the name of Allah, or the great Muhammad, or anything else they happen to believe in. They read their Holy Book of the Qu’ran, and then the terrorists decipher the great words and they turn them around until they suit the terrorists evil needs and wants. Never thinking when they finally walk before the Almighty Allah, or the well respected Muhammad, they will be greeted by a fist full of thunder and lightening bolts, and scorned by the very peace loving Omnipotent, being they killed in their great names and holy beliefs. Some other times, the terrorist work under anger because the nation they want to attack believes in the basic freedom for her citizens or a different God since most terrorists come from countries who withhold these ideals and beliefs from their citizens. They feel no other nation should enjoy such wonderful enjoyments. Other misbegotten reason’s for a terrorist looking to kill or punish innocent civilians of a certain nation is. The terrorists are angry at that certain nation because that country and her children have reacted against a tyrant, or another world leader trying to force his citizens to live under bondage with no freedoms to enjoy, and a lifetime filled with fear, and the constant threat of soldiers or police coming into their homes in the middle of the night and take them away. Then the terror deliverers rape their wives, hurt their children and arrest all male members of the household, and then the terror givers place the civilians in prison.

Only to be tortured until the evil bullies tired of their sport on the defenseless bodies of the arrested civilians and they kill them, or release them to be terrorized for the rest of their and their family’s lives. The civilized people of the world have to understand there are many reasons for hate, and this hatred is the sole driving force for terrorists to legalize these evil thoughts and foul actions, and try and make them right in their warped and twisted minds. The terrorists work their evil under the foul assumption you can beat the truth to death until it is no longer the truth, but a lie in their twisted minds. To be a terrorist, these animals have to hate themselves as much as they hate those they believe are their enemy in the rest of the free loving world.

Hatred, the third need of any evil working terrorist organization, they know the civilized world will look upon these evil doers in a different light as to the one they regard the rest of the world in. And there will always be those few bleeding hearts who will offer them what they have just stolen from the very same people they attacked. The terrorists know they will never be treated in the same horrible way they have treated the innocent men, women and children of another nation. The evil doers will never suffer the same pain and heartbreak they have inflicted on the innocent people of the world. That they will enjoy the very protections given to the civilized world, even though their prime directive was to removed these very same protections from the people they have killed or maimed and given nightmares to for the rest of their lives.

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