by Stephen Francis Montagna


The Heaven and Earth weren’t separated at the beginning of the world. Together, they formed the chaotic mess of the past and the future all in one. The pure air and land mass pulled away from the impure and much heavier particles that made up this turbulent mass of confusion, and these pure forms shaped the Heavens, while the more dense particles continued to float throughout the Universe. Heaven formed, and Heaven’s first great deities quickly gave birth to the Brother Izanagi and the Sister Izanami. These two new and great gods would soon become man and wife and then they would give birth to what would soon become known as the eight islands of Japans.

In the beginning, the Universe was a non living and baron place. The great deity Izanagi, who’s name means the Male who Invites and his sister Izanami, whose name meant the Female who Invites, drifted throughout the Heavens in pure thought. Izanagi searched the Universe looking for the site he intended to create with his hands. He had been sent on this mission by his father, and his search lasted for thousands of years. Unable to find the proper place he was looking for, Izanagi finally gave into his boredom and driven by his father’s desires he decided to create the earth.

With a thunderous clap from his mighty hands, the earth was created by drawing all the floating particles together in one wave of air created by the hands of Izanagi and the earth was covered by water upon its creation. Even with this creation, Izanagi continued to be bored with his existence.

Izanami, his beloved sister soon realized Izanagi’s dilemma and she talked him into creating land masses on the bubbling and curdling earth. Izanagi agreed with his sister’s suggestion and together, both Brother and Sister, Man and Wife stood upon the last step of the Floating Bridge to Heaven. They dipped the fabled Amenotamaboko, the Celestial Jeweled Spear and the phallic symbol of pure birth into the swill which was the basis that made up the earth as it was at this time. Together they pushed the great Jeweled Spear into the forming earth until it finally pierced the spine of the one great Ocean covering all of the surface of the planet. Together they stirred the untidiness until the brine and froth gave forth with a thundering and curdling gurgle.

When the waters and the mud and floating particles boiled into a swirling, moving and forming mass, the two deities then withdrew the sacred Spear, and Izanagi then held the great Jeweled shaft up to the Heavens as a special gift for his father. His father allowed the drops of the soupy mix to fall from the tip of the Spear of Birth. These drops instantly crystallized and they floated upon the swirling water, thus creating the Japanese Island of Kyushu with the deities named Onogoro. Onogoro later became the birth place of the honored Japanese race.

The two deities soon grew tired of just floating around upon the clouds, so they descend from the great Heaven and they erected the fabled Eight Fathom House with a Central Pillar. This gave the forming earth the World Spine or its center core; this swill would be used to build upon. When the great deities moved to the island they quickly performed the ceremony which would forever make them both Man and Wife, by slowly circling this great Central Pillar twice, and then meeting face to face on the other side of it.

As other drops of mud dripped down from the sacred Spear, the two deities Izanagi and Izanami gave birth to the other Seven Islands to make up Japan. Together the islands made up the Ohoyashimakuni, the land of the Eight Islands of Japan. Thus endearing the number eight to a scared significant to the future race of the Japan population.

Ninigi was the next deity to leave the Heavens and take up residence upon the newly formed earth. His task was to direct the development of Japan, insuring his future grandson, Jimmu Tenno would become the first in the long list of divine Emperors to rule over all of the islands of Japan and to also insure his future offspring’s would rein Japan forever by instilling the honor of Emperor on his grandson Jimmu Tenno.

All this greatness bestowed upon the newly formed Eight Islands of Japan did very little to make Izanagi very content with his work or his existence in the new world. He searched his mind once again for some other new ways to improve upon his wonderful creation. Izanagi decided to finish his work with his Island creation before creating the other indispensability’s needed to make Japan the true seat of all creation on the earth and the future populations of the world.

Izanagi shaped the Island of Onogoro by using the drops of his own sweat and he turned them to the vast forests of trees for his new land, his breath which he blew across the baron lands immediately turned into a mighty sea of grass. Tears of happiness from his eyes turned into lakes which gave birth to crystal clear streams criss crossing the Eight Islands of Japan. A second thunderous clap of his mighty hands instantly gave birth to all the animals which walked upon his creation. A third reverberating clap of his hands gave birth to the birds that replaced him and they now soared among the Heavens, along with the sea animals that prowled the ocean’s depth.

The eight years of Grau San Martin’s second rule as the President of Cuba, was about as ineffective and corrupt as his first one was. San Martin’s many failures in office, soon forced him to ally himself with Carlos Prio Socarras. The Gran San Martin administration shortly galvanized its power with Socarras, and together they organized the New Cuban Revolutionary Party of Cuba, with the help of the ruling Conservatives of the Republicianos of Cuba.

Izanagi grew very weary of the many toils of his great creation and he wanted to rest, but the entire expanse of the eight Japanese Islands was flat. His sister Izanami felt bad for her husband’s weariness and with a sudden stomp of her foot upon the ground, appeared a central mountain range. Thus from the depths of the earth, Mt. Fugi was born to the earth. The Mountain rose until it was the height to offer Izanagi a great chair on which to rest his body upon. With a wave of her hand the clear blue sky was instantly dotted by soft fluffy clouds. The hot temperature dropped, making Izanagi rest more comfortably on his new mountain chair overlooking his creation.

When the Eight Islands of Japan were formed to Izanagi’s wishes and desires, both Izanagi and Izanami decided their work was finally completed upon the face of the earth and they considered returning to the great Heavens, in order to give birth to all of the future deities who would follow them into the hearts and minds of the proud and respectful Japanese people.

The birth of the many Japanese deities was a most stormy and violent task right from the beginning, with many arguments developing between the deity Izanagi his loving wife, and the gods they had created to rule over the earth he had created. The first kamis to be born was the Heavenly Blowing Male later to be known as Fujin, or the god of Wind. The sea kamis, the Foam Waves, Foam Calm, and Ocean Possessor, and the Heavenly Water Provider soon followed and then Izanagi gave birth to the deities of the earth solid. The mountains, passes and valleys had their own kamis or god like guardians, along with the grass, crops, and the rock kamis.

The sea gods quickly followed and they were called Watatsumi, or the sea children. But the war between the newly created gods didn’t end at their creation. Izanami gave nativity to the fire god Kagutsuchi. This fiery deity caused the death of his own mother and his wife and sister of Izanagi. With the death of Izanami who had been terribly burned by this kami’s birth, Izanagi’s heart became filled with grief and hatred for this god. In his rage he drew his ten grasp sword and he chopped the head of Kagutsuchi from his body, Izanagi proceeded to chop Kagutsuchi’s body into three pieces, and each severed piece of the god became gods themselves.

Other gods were born from the blood splattered on the rocks and ground from the slaughtered god. Blood dripping from Izanagi’s sword became the gods Kuraokami, the Dragon of Valleys, and Kurayamatsumi, the Lord of Dark Mountains, and Kuramistsuha, the Dark Water Snake.

Before his beloved sister and wife Izanami died, she had grown very ill and her vomit had given birth to gods, her urine gave birth to Mitsuhanome, or the female water snake. The other deities Izanami and Izanagi gave birth to were of the fearsome dragon family, Mizuchi, or the water fathers sometimes referred to as the horned deities. Wani, one of the last gods to be born was a mighty dragon who resembled a mix between a crocodile and a shark. It was believed this god called Toyotamabime, or Abundant Pearl Princess took a human lover and she had transformed herself from human shape to a dragon, and she forever retained the shape when her child died at birth as anger and punishment for her sharing a mortal lover.

After Izanagi slaughtered Kagutsuchi, he longed for his dead wife and beloved sister. Izanagi set out to find his wife who was now residing in the land of the Underworld. Izanagi soon found his sister living in the land of gloom and darkness. Seeing him standing just outside of the Parturition structure, Izanami raised the door. Izanagi tried to order her to follow him, saying the Islands they created weren’t complete without her presence. But Izanami refused to follow him to the world of the living and light again, stating she had doomed herself to this place of loneliness for eternity because she had eaten from the food of Yomi. Izanami desired to return to the land of the light and told Izanagi she would speak with Yomi while Izanagi remained outside.

Izanagi waited for a moment and then he entered Izanami’s sacred Parturition dwelling against her will. Upon entering the private dwelling he saw his wife lying within a rotting state with the gods of thunder eating from her foul and decaying body. Shocked by what he had just witnessed, Izanagi instantly pulled away from his once loving wife and sister in sheer disgust. Izanagi had broken the sacred taboo of seeing his loving wife dwelling within the sacred Parturition House, the specially erected one room structure where all of the honored Japanese women of great honor and respect went to have their children unobserved by anyone in the mortal world.

Outraged by this sudden indignity committed against her person and coupled with a great loss of face to Izanami, she became humiliated and she commanded the Ugly Females of the Yomi to arise from their graves and hunt down and slay her once beloved husband and brother Izanagi.

Izanagi upon hearing this command given to the lowly gods of the underworld, he immediately fled the sequestered house while being pursued by the extremely angry Female gods. He slowed down the horde of pursuing evil gods by throwing articles of his clothing behind him, which immediately formed large obstacles that were too great to be overcome by the pursuing Female gods, thus stopping the enemy and evil deities who were in pursuit of him. Izanami, finding the Female gods had failed on their mission to kill her once loved brother and husband, then unleashed other pursuers from the dark side of the underworld. The eight Thunder deities she had given birth to were sent out after Izanag, with a thousand, five hundred warriors of Hades to assist them.

Izanagi was finally able to escape the Even Pass of Hades by swinging his mighty ten grasp sword, thus forcing the pursuing demons back into the great depths of the dark and foreboding cave and doorway of the underworld. Izanami herself then took up the hot pursuit of her once beloved brother and husband Izanagi. Seeing her rapidly approaching him from within the great depths of the foul and dark cave, Izanagi immediately blocked the mouth of the mighty Pass of Yomi with a massive boulder that would take a thousand men to move it.

Completely enraged by this sudden blocking action of her brother, the screaming and fuming Izanami threatened from within the mouth of the cave to kill a thousand men from the land of light and the living. Izanagi immediately yelled back at his sister with threatening to give birth to a thousand five hundred men in order to exceed the number threatened by her foul death order. The great bolder that held Izanami at bay within the dark cave, forced her to forever become the Yomotsuohokami, or Yomi’s Great Deity. Upon Izanagi’s return to the land of the light and the living, Izanagi quickly performed the sacred honored ceremony of the purification of the body.

Izanagi went over to the river and he bathed himself. Two evil demons were born from the filth of Hades that was washed away from his battered and exhausted body and they floated down river in order to escape Izanagi’s great wrath. Izanagi then washed his left eye, and from it he gave birth to Amaterasu, the goddess of sun. He then washed his right eye in the pure waters of the river and from that he gave birth to the god of the moon, the great Tsukiyomi.

Izanagi instantly ordered the newly formed sun deity Amaterasu to rule over the great Plains of the High Heavens, and then he ordered the moon god Tsukiyomi, to rule over the mighty night Heaven as well. Susanowo, who was born from Izanagi’s spittle, was decreed by Izanagi to become the brother of the very war like and extremely fearsome and always angry Fujin, the great and always angry god of the Wind, and he was ordered to rule the immense depths of the unending Sea of the world he had just created with his own hands.

The god Susanowo defied Izanagi’s last order to him and then he wept, unleashing a very evil and poisonous rain to wash over the entire lands of the newly formed eight Islands of Japan. Seeing this great evil rain destroying all of what he had just created for the children of his breath, Izanagi instantly confronted the god Susanowo, and he demanded to know why he wept so. Susanowo replied he wanted to join his loving mother who was now dwelling within the sacred and honored land of the dead in the cellar of the underworld.

Suddenly enraged by the god Susanowo’s outright defiance of his command and his destroying of what he had just created, Izanagi instantly banished Susanowo to Afumi, the great fresh water lake. Izanagi hoped the pure waters of the great lake would do something in order wash away some of the evil thoughts from the angry god’s mind. Izanagi returned to Heaven for a rest for a period of time.

Susanowo rose high into the air as a bellowing and ferocious dragon and he then caused the newly formed lands of Japan to be violently ripped apart by crippling earthquakes. The mighty Sun goddess Amaterasu quickly came to her loving brother’s side. There they then pledged their faith and love to each other, with Amaterasu requesting Susanowo’s mighty sword before she would ever consider having any of his children with him. Once receiving the mighty sword from his right hand, Amaterasu instantly broke it into three separate pieces.

Amaterasu then removed five hundred of the great curved jewels from her long hair and she proceeded to wash them within the pure waters of the Pool of Truth in Heaven, and then she crushed them within her powerful hands and with just the breath of her body, she then blew the fine jeweled dust up towards the Heavens. The great deities of the Torrent Mist Princess, the Lovely Island Princess, and the Princess of the Torrent were born from all of the glittering mist from the crushed jewels and Amaterasu’s breathe.

Susanowo who dearly wanted to have children with his loving sister asked her for the remaining five hundred, six foot long and curved jewels from her long hair. He also washed them within the great waters of the Pool of Truth in Heaven, and then he crushed them within his bare hands and just as his loving sister had done moments before him, he then gently blew all of the fine jewel dust up towards the Heavens as well. From his great and powerful breath came forth the birth of the gods, the Truly Conqueror, I Conquer, Conquering, and the Swift Heavenly Great Ears, and the god Amenohohi, along with the god Prince Lord of Heaven, and the god Prince Lord of Life, and lastly to be born from this dust, was the god of Kumano who came forth from the glittering dust as it slowly drifted down to the surface of the earth. Thus, all of the gods of Japan were given their birthright in her hearts and minds of their loving people of Japan forever to be loved and respected.

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